Hand forged cleaver and stainless pan

A few weeks ago, I searched online for a quality cleaver and happened upon an eBay seller with this excellent looking version. I did end up ordering one and set out on the waiting game. It’s always a risk buying a product based on images alone, but I was so excited by the looks I risked it.

Three and a half weeks of waiting and there waiting for me in the mail, was a very well packaged goodie.

I haven’t got to use it extensively, but what use it has seen is incredible. It came razor sharp and the feel of the whole thing is just great. Here in Norway I find it very hard to find “thick” knives and certainly cleavers, which is a criteria for me as I can be a bit heavy handed. I like to feel the knife/cleaver when I use it so thicker is better. There’s also the fact that you get help from the heft.

I have used it as a cleaver, to really get the job done and also to finely chop any number of ingredients. Onions, potatoes, carrots, you name it.

I bought the cleaver from this seller: https://www.ebay.com/usr/grandsharp-knife. No items for sale as of this writing, don’t know why.

IKEA Sensuell frying pan:

I am, as with my knives, super particular about frying pans. I can never find ones that I really like, but this time I think I’m on to something. Found by chance and ordered within minutes, four days and it’s in my hands.

I am one of those not sold on non stick frying pans (though some can be good). I don’t know why, it’s just one of those things.

I am a huge fan of gas cooking, and I use gas any time I can. For now, the only option I have is a couple of the ones pictured below. It uses gas canisters and fits easily into a carrying case when not in use.

Now… Comment on what I should get next and also what I should attempt to make. Either a comment here or tag me in social media ?